Today I realized that I needed a better filing system. I spent a forty-five minutes searching my room for the outline for the book I wanted to work on. My room is messy at the moment, and, I'm sure that my love of writing everything down on yellow legal pads didn't help at all.

I think I knew this haphazard filing scheme needed to end. A couple of weeks ago, I stocked up on manila folders and hanging file folders for my file cabinets (which I use for other things, but not for my writing).

But still, I've got to figure out a better way. Something that is efficient and works for me.

After I'm done writing.


Replenishing the Well

I just got back from a week in Virginia Beach. Ron and I went as chaperones for the senior class trip but our kids were so good that we didn't have much of an actual "job" while we were there.

I saw and swam in the ocean for the first time. I got a tattoo (painted not permanent) of a gecko on my neck. I fished for the first time (but didn't catch anything). I went body surfing and almost drowned one of the girls. I went to bed late and slept late. I listened to my girls talking about everything. We sung a lot. I walked a lot. I petted stingrays at the aquarium.

I had lots of new experiences and now I don't feel so dry. Before we went away, I felt spent and exhausted every time I thought about writing. Not good, especially since I wanted to write.

This week, I didn't worry about the writing. I just enjoyed each moment with all of my senses. And today, I'm coming back to the keyboard and feeling alive again.

It's a good way to feel.

P.S. If you're feeling burnt-out, read Stephanie Bond's excellent article, Regain Your Creativity in One Week (warning: opens a PDF file).