My Personal Soundtrack: A metronome and my husband running through exercises on his bass guitar

I am so tired. Vacation Bible School started this week and a bunch of stuff went completely haywire in the four and a half hours I was at the church. Then, I had to tutor and then Ron came home and we fell asleep on the couch for about three hours because we were just that tired. It was an incredibly long day and it's only Monday. Pray for us y'all. We need it.

Anyway, it's Book-in-a-Week week too. I made a conservative goal of 20pgs. And I think that will be a stretch for me considering the way the week is shaping up, but it's only 3pgs a day and I can definitely write that much (but not today--I'm just shooting for a page of decent material on HLB because I need to go back to bed.)

And, because, I'm totally beat I'm going to refer you to Pub Rants where Kristin Nelson has been running a very informative series called Agenting 101. Enjoy!


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