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It's Buy A Friend A Book Week and, in honor of their first anniversary, they're running a contest.

The contest started on July 1st and will run through July 7th, with a different puzzle introduced each day at a different site. You'll have to go to these participating sites on the appropriate days in order to get information about each day's puzzle. (After they are initially announced, all six puzzles will remain available for the duration of the contest. Thus contestants who learn of the puzzle later in the week will not be barred from participating.)

Contest participants must complete the contest's six puzzles and answer a Final Question on the final day of the contest. Three prize winners will be drawn at random from all correct responses received. See the contest's official rules here.

The contest winners will receive hundreds of dollars worth of literary prizes--stacks of books and free memberships in LibraryThing and even a text editor. See the prize list here.

Here's the schedule of events:

July 1 -- Puzzle #1 introduced at Grumpy Old Bookman
July 2 -- Puzzle #2 introduced at Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind
July 3 -- Puzzle #3 introduced at This Writing Life
July 4 -- Puzzle #4 introduced at Books, Inq.
July 5 -- Puzzle #5 introduced at Refrigerator Door
July 6 -- Puzzle #6 introduced at No Rules. Just Write
July 7 -- Final question posed at Buy a Friend a Book

Get yourself to these sites on the appointed days and follow the directions you find there. Good luck!


So, not only do you get to do some fun literary-related puzzles, you get introduced to some pretty interesting blogs.

Have fun! And don't forget to buy a friend a book!


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