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So, it's been several weeks since my last post, eh? I didn't mean to be away for so long, but lots of stuff has been going on in the last three weeks. I'm hoping to get back to some kind of regular posting schedule now, but, every time, I say that something else happens to run me off track, so maybe I just won't say it this time. Except I already did. We'll just ignore that.


So, I started teaching summer school (Geometry and Trigonometry) which, even though my classes are small, has been quite the adventure. And I tutor several days a week as well, so, getting back into the world of working regularly has been interesting, but I think I've got the hang of it now.

And, in my left-over time from that, I was getting what I have written so far into shape to send to the editor who requested it. I made some changes in later chapters and I would normally wait until I was at the end to go back and fix the character issues and logic errors, but with someone asking to see what I had written to date, I didn't exactly have that luxury. But that's done and sent off, so it's completely out of my hands. (See my happy dance! w00t!) And now, I can go back to just writing.

There's also been a lot of random other time-consuming things (a million and a half graduation parties which we had to attend because all of our kids are graduating this year, friends in from out-of-town), but there's one huge thing that Ron and I are stepping into (no, we're not pregnant. yet.):

We are going to be the Children's Pastors at our church.

This is something we have been praying and discussing for a long time and we're really excited about it. We're not sure of our official start date yet because our senior pastor just had twins (About six weeks early, but everyone knew they were coming early just not when) and he's (understandably) consumed with that, so we've still got some kinks to work out.

But, yeah, Children's Pastors. And we're going in as a husband-wife team because, honestly, that's the only way it's going to work.

But, anyways, Happy Independence Day! And I'll try not to forsake you again.


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